Holly Ryan (Agency Director/Co-Founder)

HollyHolly has worked in the media industry all of her adult life, with spells in film, radio and internet but predominantly beavering away in TV. For over 12 years, she was an extra-large piece of furniture at the biggest editor agency in the UK in the role of Director of Bookings. Holly’s marathon experience, instinctive judgement and ever playful personality in the industry has resulted in a little black book which is bursting at the seams. Her objective is to make the TV world a slightly less murky, more open plan and fair place and she revels in nurturing and protecting the talent so they can focus on what they do best.

Tom Dixon-Spain (Director/Co-Founder)

TomTom is one of the most in demand editors in TV and works up close and personal with the most prestigious names in the field. His vital statistics and reputation evoke confidence from both the production and post production quarters and he’s constantly championing the new and rising talent who seek a sturdy foundation in the industry. Despite his ever bubbling popularity as an editor, he cautiously joined an agency 9 years ago (to help manage the level of interest) and reaped such benefits that he wanted to extend this reachable luxury to credible and undervalued production crew.

Kate McLaughlin-Edwards (Booking Agent)

KateKate is our resident in-house scouse and is earning her TV stripes at speed in the booking office (which is awash with half-drunk cups of tea). Her personality landed at ICA in June 2017 and has been purring like a Porsche ever since. She comes from a colourful background of venue & events management, can comfortably talk the hind legs off a donkey and could probably sell them back with interest. Kate is the perfect agent as she gives as good as she gets, is a trophy winning golfer, a nurturing force with a lorra lorra love to give and is someone who you most definitely want on your team.

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